Things You Should Know Before Buying
Since all of our products collect solar energy, it is very important that they receive direct sunlight to charge. A bright window is fine, but if there is no direct sunlight then your art piece will not glow at night. In northern latitudes you can expect better performance during the summer when there is more daylight to be had.

Some of our products are quite delicate. We make paper lanterns that are light and will be blown away in a stiff breeze, and will be destroyed by rainfall. It is important that they are kept either indoors or a protected space outdoors where they will still receive direct sunlight.

Other products such as our bricks are fully encapsulated and are therefore very robust. They can be left outside in your garden, or even placed in a bathtub full of water (our favourite) after being left to charge in the sun. The bricks can be handled quite roughly, but they will still scratch and chip if abused.

All of our products use quality solar cells, high power led lights, and lithium ion batteries to ensure the highest performance. Besides design, our choice of materials sets us apart from the competition. You can expect our products to charge quicker, shine brighter, and last longer than anything else on the market.

All of our transactions are handled through PayPal to ensure your safety and ours. Lantern Art does not collect or store any of your personal information, including your credit card numbers. After your order has been placed, you can expect an invoice and expected shipping date by email. Once your order has been shipped, you will be notified by email and a tracking number will be included.

Our preferred method of shipping is through UPS. If you prefer a different method of shipping, please contact us at: contact@lanternart.com before you place your order. When you receive your item, inspect it immediately for damage. If any damage occurred during shipping, let us know immediately by email so that we can begin to replace the product and proceed with any insurance claims.

My Lantern Does Not Light:
All of our products must receive direct sunlight on order to charge properly. All of our products are tested prior to shipping and should be functional when they arrive. When the sun goes down, your product should light up automatically. If it doesn't, you may need to charge it. If sunlight is unavailable, you can place the product directly beneath an incandescent or halogen lamp. Fluorescent and compact fluorescent bulbs will not work. If you have tried these charging methods and still suspect that your product is malfunctioning, please contact us at: contact@lanternart.com

Our paper lanterns can be quite delicate. If you have damaged your lantern, please contact us at contact@lanternart.com to discuss your options. Most of the papers in our lanterns are “one of a kind” and are not available after we've built your item. However, it may still be possible to repair your lantern with a paper that is different from the original that you ordered. The cost of repairs will depend on the type and extent of damage.

My Lamp Turns Off After Only a Few Hours:
Each of our lamps will stay lit until either the sun comes up again, or the battery is drained. We have designed the circuitry so that a fully charged battery will last at least 30 hours, and that 8 hours of direct sunlight will result in 12 hours of lighting. If your lamp goes out after only a few hours, it is most likely because it is not receiving enough direct sunlight. This is particularly a problem in northern latitudes during winter. If you suspect your product is malfunctioning, contact us at contact@lanternart.com and we will help you.